Saturday Date.

So one of our goals this year was to buy a new car!

We've been talking a lot about it and just have gone back
and forth on so many cars, we seriosuly have been so indecisive!

Today Josh and I decided to go test drive some and
kind of feel out different cars to see exactly what we want.

And well my dream car for the past few years has been a BMW x5.

I seriously LOVE them!

They aren't too big and are super roomy inside plus the panoramic skylight!?

Ya, they are awesome.

Josh wasn't super conviced on a BMW until we test drove a few of them today.

Now we are totally set on either an X5 or a 3 series.
Now we just have to decide if we want a SUV or a car.

We would love a suv for the snow and since we want to start a family soon,
an SUV makes sense. But the 3 series is incredible and still pretty roomy!
+ pretty great gas mileage!

Oh man, I hate deciding things!

Josh took this picture because I was literally so giddy today while shopping.
It was funy :)

This car was perfect!
Butttt here's the weird thing.
The inside was pretty much beat to hell.
They were asking wayyyy over what it is worth
and when we told them we didn't want it
because Josh had a feeling that there was some internal damage
they dropped the price about 6K!

That doesn't seem normal right?

So we went to CarMax, which is seriously the greatest place ever, and
they are looking into getting us an X5 in from either Vegas or Texas :)

So yay! Hopefully one comes in soon!
We can;t wait for a new car!!!


Shawnee said...

My good friend is actually selling her BMW SUV. I can get some info on it if you want. It's GORGEOUS

// said...

Really?! That would be awesome! Do you know if it's liste on ksl??