Hocus Pocus

It's not Halloween unless you watch Hocus Pocus :)
It's probably the greatest Halloween movie. Ever.

I have been wanting to make a sweet witch costume
for the past few years now and just haven't really had
the time to sit down and make one, but I'm determined
to do it this year since there are a lot of kids in our
neighborhood I want to have a fun costume to answer the door in
when they come trick or treating!

I was totally inspired when I went to Tai Pan the other day
and saw this amazing wide brim witch hat, but for $40?

I took like a million pictures of it and how it was made so
I could copy cat it and make one for cheaper and more
Hocus Pocus-ey.

So today I went to the fabric store and was there for 2 hours!
trying to find the perfect fabrics and after about 3 hours and
trying to figure out how to make it without a pattern I am almost
done with it and can start on my dress :)

It's nowehere near being finished, I still need some
feathers and some more material and ribbon and a giant spider
but I'm loving how its turning out!

I just used felt and overlayed it with some awesome
spiderweb netting fabric and used some pretty
and different textured glitterly and sequined fabrics for
the big floppy bow :)

Of course I had to have a big bow for a super feminine touch :)

Anyway, I can't wait for Halloween and to finish this
years costume! I'll add some more pictures of everything
when I'm closer to being done :)

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Cortney said...

LOVE! Hocus Pocus is my most favorite Halloween movie too! You did a great job on the hat!