a little peek at our little home.

So I haven't posted too many pictures of our home,
mainly because it's not all done! :)

But here is a little peek and what is done.

Lets start with the family room.
the home has an open floor plan
and the kitchen is just across from the family room
and just down the hallway from the living room and entryway.

Anyways, enjoy!

The inspiration for the decor came from just about everything.
We really wanted something modern, contemporary, unique, vintage and just simple.
Something that would just make you feel like you were home.

We LOVE how it turned out!

The 5x7 flokati rug gives the room a warm feel.

The amazing faux reclaimed wood media console and coffee table
give the room a vinatge but modern feel with the cast iron frame.

And everything in between has come together so nicely :)

I need to get something for above the tv, I hate that bare wall!

I knew I wanted to have a gallery wall somewhere in the house
and we decided the family room would be the perfect pallet for it!

I LOVE mercury glass.
It's so pretty when the sun hits it and has the perfect balance of gold and silver.

I looked for weeks and weeks to find the perfect basket
for our blankets.
I was set on using a wicker basket until I saw this
beauty at Tai Pan.

The wire basket just balances out everything

It's the little things that I love most.

I also adore this floor cushion/poufe.
It's my fav.

I am still working on the family room.
Collecting things here and there.
So more pictures will be posted as I am still working on it

Next tour will be the bathroom,
now that all decor is up and ready to be shown off :)

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melissa claire said...

Where is your media console from?