Mini Bath Remodel

Weve been in the house for 2 weeks!
It has been so amazing and we are soooo happy!

Our first project in the new house was the guest bathroom :)
We were so excited about this and could
not wait to get it started and done :)

The total cost of this whole project was aprox. $750.

This included:
-New flooring
-New vanity, sink and faucet
-New mirror
-New lighting

First things first!

We had to remove the old dingy vanity, mirror and flooring.

Then we got to put in the new flooring!

We special ordered this vinyl flooring from Home Depot.
Dark Walnut Plank Flooring - $1.99 at 30 sq. ft = $60

The installation took about 3 days, because we ripped up
the whole floor and the used the scrapper and sanded
and just got everything looking good and smooth :)

Then we found out you can actually just lay the flooring
planks down ontop of the vinyl thats already there!

We then painted half of the walls using Sharkey Grey,
the color of the vanity and then added this awesome beadboard &
trim that we also got from home depot!

Next we installed the vanity!

I was soo excited about this purchase and fell in love with
this vanity and soon as I saw it!

Martha Stewart Seal Harbor Vanity + Sink

The shower curtain, hardware and rugs were purchased at Target.
Love that place :)

Other accessories were purchased at Tai Pan and boutiques here and there!

The whole project took about 1 week to complete!!

I love how everything turned out!!!

Now pictures...

Putting the beadboard in: 

All pictures were taken with my phone.
I need to find my camera!

We still need to finf a cute mirror and lighting!
More pictures to come and next project is the kitchen!

OH! AND...we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary on the 1st
and I think we are going puppy shopping!!!

Oh I love dogs!!


Jaimie said...

I LOVE beadboard. That looks so good, great job! My kids really want to see you guys. They ask me a lot why they never see you two anymore, kinda sad :(.

// said...

I do too! and thank you! You guys need to come over! Josh and I were just saying how we havent seen you in forever and we miss you!

P & J said...

This is SUPER cute! I love your decorating style!