You Guys!

We bought a house!!!

Eeekk! Yayy! Happy Happy Joy Joy!
{insert a clip of Ren & Stimpy here}

There ya go! Yayy!

It's so exciting and it's perfect, exactly
what we wanted; an investment property
and a place to call home for the next few years!!!

What the home had from our lists:

Rambler. Main floor living

Lots of cupboards in the kitchen with tons of counter space.

An open kitchen to the family room.

A huge backyard.

A 2 car deep garage. More storage space.

3 Bedrooms with a formal living room, which we will turn into an office/studio.

A driveway.

And it's not brand new but not old either and in great shape!

It's  a bank owned property so the bank went in and put
brand new carpet, pain and appliances in for us and is
paying for all of our closing costs:)

We are completely 100% so happy!

We moved out of our rental last week and moved in
with my mom to save a little bit more money for
some new furniture and decorations :)

The home was built in 1996 and is a rambler, which
we both wanted so badly. We hate stairs haha.

It has cute shutters on all the outside windows and a
lovely front porch!

It is in the sweetest little nieghborhood
with a HUGE backyard, about a quarter acre!

Riding lawnmower?

Josh said he'll even build us a chicken coup and we can get
chickens!!! I've been wanting chickens FOREVER and we
will finally have a backyard big enough for some!

Anyway, we are REALLY excited and get to move in
on April 26!!!

It's so crazy to think we will we be home owners
and we did all by ourselves.

Such a rewarding feeling :)

The cute home that looks a lot cuter in the summer when everything is green!

We love love LOVE the sweet charm the home has!


The Jensen's said...

Congrats you two!! I cant wait to come see it when you have moved it.

Jaimie said...

Very exciting!! Congrats!!