Pretty Painted Utensils

I love these sooo much!
They are sooo easy to make and
such a fun craft project for a rainy day

.I used this tutorial.

What you need:
-Foam Paint Brush
-Utensils (I got a pack of 5 at walmart for $5!)

I had a hard time picking out just 5 colors!
I went to Hobby Lobby and they ahve sooooo many fun colors :)
+ you can mix colors to create any color shade you could possibly ever want
or think of!

I decided to use:
Steel Gray, White, Aqua (Patina), Hydrangea Pink
and because of my obsession with gold I had to get a Metallic Gold!
**I mixed the aqua with white to get
a pale color and I I also mixed the
pink with white to get a softer pink**

1. Tape the utensil so you get a nice clean line & paint!
I did about 4-5 layers of paint letting them
dry for about 30 min between each layer

3. Let dry for about 3-4 hours and then remove tape!
That's all and then enjoy your pretty painted utensils :)
You can also use  a high gloss food safe shellac for a high shine enamel look
like they did here

Cute, right?
They will be perfect for giving the kitchen a pop of fun color :)

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