home sweet home.

Only 1 month before we get to move into our house!

It feel so crazy saying that.

We finally will have a home that we can paint,
decorate, remodel and do whatever we want to
because it's ours! :)

We are going to be taking things 1 step at a time.

The things we want to do almost immediately
is paint the kitchen cabinets.

Right now they are an orangey oak color, which
isn't bad at all, I just have always dreampt of a
classic white kitchen with silver polished handles :)

Like these

And then eventually we would love to put in
some butcher block countertops like the picture above and these

I've been doing lots of research on how to repaint
kitchen cabinets and I think it will look pretty awesome :)

Another thing we would like to do, but will need to see
how the finances are, is put in wood flooring through the
entryway, family room, office and kitchen. 

As I walked around Home Depot I found these
flooring faux wood planks.

They are gorgeous and are textured just like
real wood!!!

They are so pretty!
We want to be able to get these in before we buy a couch.

We also found the coffee table and media console
that will add a bit of modern to the home but still keep
a little traditional feel as well :)

Media Console

Coffee Table
both from o.co

We love the metal with the grey element wood!

With the media console we are going ot buy a basket
that will fit nicely on the bottom shelf for all of our
throw blankets and cuddle blankets :)

Like this

And for the hundreds of movies that Josh has
we will be buying some DVD folders that look
like books like these from o.co
with lists of the movies alphabetized

and then storing the books in a cute wire basket like this
next to the basket of blankets on the bottom shelf

We would like to keep the furniture very miminal.
Nothing too big or gaudy looking, just classic.

Ohh and also I really want need a faux flokati rug like this but in white, not cream.

Just this against the wood flooring, underneath the coffee table.
Oh man, I just think it would look so pretty and soft looking!

We still haven't found a couch that we both agree on and love
but the search will continue :)

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