home sweet home.

Only 1 month before we get to move into our house!

It feel so crazy saying that.

We finally will have a home that we can paint,
decorate, remodel and do whatever we want to
because it's ours! :)

We are going to be taking things 1 step at a time.

The things we want to do almost immediately
is paint the kitchen cabinets.

Right now they are an orangey oak color, which
isn't bad at all, I just have always dreampt of a
classic white kitchen with silver polished handles :)

Like these

And then eventually we would love to put in
some butcher block countertops like the picture above and these

I've been doing lots of research on how to repaint
kitchen cabinets and I think it will look pretty awesome :)

Another thing we would like to do, but will need to see
how the finances are, is put in wood flooring through the
entryway, family room, office and kitchen. 

As I walked around Home Depot I found these
flooring faux wood planks.

They are gorgeous and are textured just like
real wood!!!

They are so pretty!
We want to be able to get these in before we buy a couch.

We also found the coffee table and media console
that will add a bit of modern to the home but still keep
a little traditional feel as well :)

Media Console

Coffee Table
both from o.co

We love the metal with the grey element wood!

With the media console we are going ot buy a basket
that will fit nicely on the bottom shelf for all of our
throw blankets and cuddle blankets :)

Like this

And for the hundreds of movies that Josh has
we will be buying some DVD folders that look
like books like these from o.co
with lists of the movies alphabetized

and then storing the books in a cute wire basket like this
next to the basket of blankets on the bottom shelf

We would like to keep the furniture very miminal.
Nothing too big or gaudy looking, just classic.

Ohh and also I really want need a faux flokati rug like this but in white, not cream.

Just this against the wood flooring, underneath the coffee table.
Oh man, I just think it would look so pretty and soft looking!

We still haven't found a couch that we both agree on and love
but the search will continue :)

You Guys!

We bought a house!!!

Eeekk! Yayy! Happy Happy Joy Joy!
{insert a clip of Ren & Stimpy here}

There ya go! Yayy!

It's so exciting and it's perfect, exactly
what we wanted; an investment property
and a place to call home for the next few years!!!

What the home had from our lists:

Rambler. Main floor living

Lots of cupboards in the kitchen with tons of counter space.

An open kitchen to the family room.

A huge backyard.

A 2 car deep garage. More storage space.

3 Bedrooms with a formal living room, which we will turn into an office/studio.

A driveway.

And it's not brand new but not old either and in great shape!

It's  a bank owned property so the bank went in and put
brand new carpet, pain and appliances in for us and is
paying for all of our closing costs:)

We are completely 100% so happy!

We moved out of our rental last week and moved in
with my mom to save a little bit more money for
some new furniture and decorations :)

The home was built in 1996 and is a rambler, which
we both wanted so badly. We hate stairs haha.

It has cute shutters on all the outside windows and a
lovely front porch!

It is in the sweetest little nieghborhood
with a HUGE backyard, about a quarter acre!

Riding lawnmower?

Josh said he'll even build us a chicken coup and we can get
chickens!!! I've been wanting chickens FOREVER and we
will finally have a backyard big enough for some!

Anyway, we are REALLY excited and get to move in
on April 26!!!

It's so crazy to think we will we be home owners
and we did all by ourselves.

Such a rewarding feeling :)

The cute home that looks a lot cuter in the summer when everything is green!

We love love LOVE the sweet charm the home has!

Buying a Home

So Josh and I have been looking for
a home for a little while now and we
finally found one we love again!

I'll post about that later.

But for now, I thought I'd share
our list of things to do while
searching for your new home.

So before even going out and looking
Josh and I had come up with a list of
things we absolutely wanted/needed in our new home.

After renting for just 2 and 1/2 years , we thought
we had a a pretty clear view on what we wanted.
So before you go out, make a list of things you
really would like and things you could live
without but would be nice if they were there.

Here's Our Lists:

2 Car Garage. After renting our first home with a garage
and then renting our second home without a garage, we realized
how much we desperately missed our garage.

3 Bedrooms. I work from home, so I need an office.
We also want to start a family so we need a room for
a nursery and then obviously a Master.

Open kitchen To Family Room. Again in our first rental
the kitchen was connected to the family room, I loved cooking
in there because I could still talk with Josh, and whatnot.
Our second rental the kitchen was closed off and I hated cooking
in there and being alone while josh was doing homework in the
other room and also being able to watch our baby playing in the
family room while making dinner is something I really want :)
So this was really important to us.

At least 2 bathrooms. Our second rental was a 1 bed 1 bath home,
we had to share the bathroom that Josh and I used everyday with
our guests. It's not a huge deal, but having a second bathroom is so nice.

A Kitchen With Storage. Our second rental had absolutely no
storage in the kitchen. It had maybe 4 cuboards. AWFUL,
we had nowhere to put anything. So this was a HUGE deal for us.

Close to the Freeway and Not South of PG. Josh will be attending
U of U, so we need something close to the freeway or trax and
something that is more north so the drive won't be as long.
We didn't even look at houses south of PG.

So this was our list of needs. We would look at homes that didn't
have these just to see if we could imagine ourselves living there,
but it just wasn't something we were willing to give up.

Would Be Nice To Have But Don't Need.

A Backyard. ex. some townhomes don't have backyards.
We wanted a backyard, but it wasn't a deal breaker.

A Driveway. ex. some townhomes don't have driveways.
Again it would be nice to have, but wouldn't keep us from
putting an offer in.

A Laundry ROOM. Some homes only have laundry closets,
not a full walk in room. This wasn't a huge deal for us.
Just as long as there was a place for a washer and dryer.

A Rambler or Two Story. We would prefer a rambler,
but a two story would not have kept us from wanting to buy.

Lots of Windows. I love the sunshine in a house.
I LOVE a lot of windows and BIG windows, but we did see
some houss that didn't have a ton of windows.
This obviously wasn't a deal breaker.

So these were our lists and sometimes your lists will change.
Like with us, as we saw more and more homes,
having a backyard became more important to us.

Okay so now here is a list of things to check while
doing a showing of the home.

1. Check the faucets and drains. See if the water pressure is good,
if the drains all work properly and maybe even taste the water.
Some cities have really awful tasting water. Also, leave the
water running for a minute. Is it cloudy or dirty?

2. Check the shower and tub water pressure.
is it just barely dribbling out or will it be able to
get the shampoo out of your hair within a minute?

3. Obviously check the carpet, floors ect. Will the
flooring need to be replaced?

4. Check the windows. Make sure they open,
close and lock correctly. You can also check all the
doors as well. and press your fingers against the windows
seals, does it feel soft? This could be a sign of rot.

5. Check the garage door. does it open and close correctly?
Is it loud and screachy?

6. Check for any signs of leaking, around tubs, toilets, sinks, etc.
Our rental home, whenever we take a shower, the tub has a
crack in it that you can hardly see, but the water dribbles out
of it and by the end of the shower there is a pile of water all over!

7. Check all the light switches, do they turn on what they are
supposed to turn on? Or does the light in the master bedroom turn
on the kitchen light? Sometimes the wiring can be wrong.

8. Check the doors again, do they stay open or swing shut?
If they swing shut, this can sometimes mean the foundation
of the home is not right/good. Or simply that the door is hung wrong.

8. Flush all the toilets, do they flush correctly?

9. Look for cracks in the ceiling and walls, this could be
caused from foundation issues.

10. Also if you can, check the heater and air conditioning.
Make sure both work correctly and check all the vents as well.

So these are just some things that Josh and I have found as
we looked through lots of homes. Hope this list helps you
as a possible bargaining tool!

Pre-Pregnancy Health and Happiness

I know that most of our families already know this,
but Josh and I have been talking about
starting a family sometime within the year.

Is it a faux pas to be talking about this?

I don't know?
I know a lot of people keep it very secretive which
is something Josh and I were thinking about doing when we
become preggers, but I think talking about getting
ready for pregnancy is a good topic!

Its really exciting to think about having a baby and
getting ready for one, also a little intimidating and scary.

There are so many things on what to do once you become
pregnant, but what about before? I think it's important to
have your body and mind prepared and healthy way before
you plan on getting a baby bump :)

Here are some things we did and continue to do to
prepare for pregnancy and a family and our journey for the
next little while on the road to becoming parents :)

Becoming Fully Ready for the Responsibility of a Family

Josh and I are celebrating our
3 year anniversary this August!

It was really important to us to be be married
for a while before starting a family.

We really wanted to have that time to get used to
being married and build a good foundation and
relationship before we threw kids into the mix.
Just having alone time was very important to us.

Staying out til 3 am and just having time to ourselves was
not something we wanted to give up at the beginning
of our marriage.

Of course, everyone is different, and some couples
become ready for parenthood before others, so this
is just what worked for us :)

We both have learned so much about eachother in
the past 4 years and 7 months we have been together
and married and although it feels like we've only been
married for like 3 months, we are coming up on 3 years! So crazy!

Being on the Same Page

Thinking about starting a family has brought
up a lot of topics between Josh and I.

We really want to be on the same page for parenting
before we become pregnant and so we talk about things
like discipline, religion, chores, money, teaching, parenting etc.,
to see what we agree on, what we disagree on and what
we can compromise on.

I'm guessing though, that these things may change
and we will hit crossroads once we do have children, but
it's nice to know that we have discussed it.

Preparing Your Body for a Healthy Pregnancy

I'm VERY ocd about things and becoming
pregnant is no different.

Although we really aren't planning on starting a family
for a while longer, I've heard and read that you can start
taking prenatal vitamins whenever or I guess more
specifically about 1-1 1/2 years before trying to get
a baby bump :)
I've been reading tons of pregancy books and
every single one of them say how important it is to
take folic acid (folate) BEFORE getting pregant because
the first 2 weeks of pregnancy
(before you usually even know your pregnant)
is the most vital time for babies spinal growth and that
folic acid is sooo important to be in your system during
those first few weeks of pregnancy to help prevent birth defects.

Learn more about Folic Acid HERE

Being healthy and in good shape is also a HUGE deal for
me before getting pregnant. I want to have a smooth
labor and delivery and I always hear how important
being in shape is for that to be possible.

My sister for example, you honestly would never have
known she was in labor and having a baby! She was in
pretty good shape and her labor went soooo
smoothly it was crazy!

I also want to be able to drop the weight pretty easily
afterwards and I've also heard it's easier to have that
happen if you have more muscle than fat on your body,
so that's the plan stan :)

Right now I'm doing the Jillian Michaels videos and books.

Killer Buns & Thighs Video and Making the Cut Book.

I alternate days with these two workout circuits,
working out 5-6 days per week! They only take 30 min
a day and are AMAZING, I highly recommend them!
I might do a before and after so you can see just how awesome these workouts are!

Now I know you shouldn't start an intense workout like
this right before getting pregers because it can stop ovulation,
but we don't plan on getting pregnant for a  while
and this program is a 30 day program, just to help me
get into great shape and become toned and healthy. Once I
complete it I will start a more mellow workout that I will be
able to take and use into pregnancy :)

Here is a good link on pre-pregnancy exercise & diet
Planning Family

And here's another link on pre-pregnancy pilates.
I LOVE pilates, they completey change your body, it's amazing!
Planning Family
And I'm pretty sure you can do pilates during pregnancy!
Here is a great article on pilates during pregnancy

Stress is another thing that I think is important
to reduce before becoming pregnant and my
mother in law introduced me to meditation a while ago!

I'm going to try to start putting away a half hour
for me time and meditate to help reduce any stress
that is built up in my mind :) + stress can be a huge
contributor to infertility.

Something else I will be doing to make sure my body
is healthy and up for the baby bump task ;)

I will be going for a pre-conception check up
with my doctor closer to wanting to become pregnant
just to make sure that everything is up to par :)

I'm really nervous because I've always had really
bad ovarian cysts and really bad cramps which I know
can be a symptom of endometriosis which can lead to
not being able to get pregnant right away which is really
scary, so anyway, a preconception checkup is defineatley
not neccessary but if you have questions and concerns
before getting pregnant, and want to make sure you're
doing it right, especially if it's your first pregnancy,
I think it can be very beneficial and ease your worries :)

Thinking about becoming parents is completely overwhelming,
but it also feels right and is really exciting for Josh and I.

I think we will be pretty great parents :)

Here are some other great articles for pre-pregnancy :)

10 Tips for preparing for pregnancy

Top tricks for getting pregnant

I especially love this one on preparing for pregnancy

One more huge thing for us is being settled and owning a home,
we are still in that process, but getting closer to finding the perfect
home everyday :)

Up Next:
Planning for a family and money saving tips before you get pregnant

Pretty Painted Utensils

I love these sooo much!
They are sooo easy to make and
such a fun craft project for a rainy day

.I used this tutorial.

What you need:
-Foam Paint Brush
-Utensils (I got a pack of 5 at walmart for $5!)

I had a hard time picking out just 5 colors!
I went to Hobby Lobby and they ahve sooooo many fun colors :)
+ you can mix colors to create any color shade you could possibly ever want
or think of!

I decided to use:
Steel Gray, White, Aqua (Patina), Hydrangea Pink
and because of my obsession with gold I had to get a Metallic Gold!
**I mixed the aqua with white to get
a pale color and I I also mixed the
pink with white to get a softer pink**

1. Tape the utensil so you get a nice clean line & paint!
I did about 4-5 layers of paint letting them
dry for about 30 min between each layer

3. Let dry for about 3-4 hours and then remove tape!
That's all and then enjoy your pretty painted utensils :)
You can also use  a high gloss food safe shellac for a high shine enamel look
like they did here

Cute, right?
They will be perfect for giving the kitchen a pop of fun color :)

Binky Tutorial

What you will need
All of this + Felt & Glue Gun (not pictured)