The offer is in!

Well we grew a pair and sent in an offer
to a house that we fell in love with :)

We are so excited and in anticipation
of the banks reply.

The home is a short sale property which
means it could take months for us to
hear back from the bank but we are the
first ones to put on offer in, which is awesome!

We went through the home this morning
and it was so weird, as soon as we stepped
inside the doorway, we jsut knew.

It just felt so right and it's at the right price.

We went to a few other places after but
none of them felt the way the first one did.

We even went to a brand new model home
and still just knew the first one we saw was
thee one! :)

Anyway, we cannot wait!

We're hoping the banks reply is sooner rather
than later, obviously, so keep your
fingers and toes crossed for us! :)

oh && it's like a street over from you Jaimie!
Woo! Party! haha

1 comment :

Jaimie said...

Yay!! How exciting for you guys!! Is it in my neighborhood? You may have some stalkers on your hands named Jett & Jaiden if it is.. Haha :). All my fingers & toes are crossed for you!