DIY Modern Antlers

I am loving these fun antlers!

I can't pick a favorite, I think they are all awesome
and I'm wanting to get some more antlers to make
one of each!

You can seriously make them however you want
to match your personality.

I think they just add a modern touch
to the home :)

Here's my DIY tutorial to make your own
fun antler piece

What you will need:

1. Antlers. I used shed antlers that my brother in law gave me.
He found them around the mountains in Mt. Pleasant.
You can also buy them on ebay. Just search "Shed Antlers"
(I like using shed antlers, because the deer naturally lose
them every year, so no deer was hurt for my decor pleasure)

2. Fine sand paper

3. Caulk or paintable wood filler. I used caulk
This is used to just make sure the paint goes on
smoothly and there is not unwanted cracks.

4. Primer (not pictured) & Spray Paint.

5. Lacquer spray paint. For that super glossy look

Okay so now that you have all that
here are the instructions.

1. Sand the antlers until completely smooth

2. Use the caulk or wood filler and cover entire antler
(this was the funnest part for me, it's like working with clay)

(You will get these cracks and lines if you don't sand and caulk) 

3. Spray paint your antlers with primer.
Then spray paint with color of choice.
I did about 5-6 layers

I bought both of these and fell in love with the
Rust-Oleum metallic wayyy more!

4. Let dry for 24 hours.
Spray paint with the lacquer. (optional)
I only spray painted the white antler with lacquer,
I tried spray painting the gold one, but it dulled it's metallic luster.

Let dry in between each layer or lacquer.


Nicole said...

these are actually pretty dang cool. :)


the jensens. said...

I'm totally loving them! :) & thanks for stopping by!