Happy New Year everyone!

I think 2012 is going to be amazing
and cannot wait to see what it
brings for Josh and I :)

New years eve was soo great
this year! We did lots of fun things!

This morning Josh and I slept in
til about noon. haha yep... we
love our sleep :)

We got ready and then headed up to
Salt Lake city with my mom, sister
and niece, Tesslyn.

First stop.
RC Willey. Josh and I browsed
the couches while my sister
picked up some stuff.

I think I found a perfect couch, btw!

After, we went to dinner at the
Olive Garden and then headed
to Temple Square to see the lights.

It was freezing but so pretty :)

After we got back from SLC
Josh and I went and got
frozen pizzas, chocolate and
pringles (we celebrate in style)
we headed over to my moms
to ring in the new year!

It was so fun!

I bought some Wish Lanterns
(like from tangled!)
A while ago and surprised
everyone with them!

My mom and sister were
so excited and Josh loved it!

we headed outside about 5 to
midnight and lighted the lanterns,
made a wish for 2012 and let them go.

It was soooo fun and pretty!

I can't wait to have kids and
hopefully they'll look forward
to new years with this new
family tradition :D

oh & these pictures are
wayyy out of order :)

Josh was being the photographer
tonight, I'm sad we didn't get any
of him with his wish lantern :(

But I made sure to get one of our
New Years kiss!

Happy New Year!!!!