Finals Week & Christmas Time

So it's finals week for the husband which means
that he has been studying day in and day out!

Gah! I cannot wait for tomorrow night when we
can both relax and spend some time with each other :)

He has one more test in Calculus 2. Cross your fingers for him!

He is sooo excited this semester to be over and so am I, it's been a tough one!

My sister will be here on the 18th just in time for Christmas!
& I am so excited to see her and my niece!
It's going to be the best 3 weeks ever :)

Josh and I haven't done anything Christmasy yet,
We haven't even made hot cocoa! :( mainly because school
has sucked up all his free time but come next week we are
going to get christmasy all up in here :)

This will be our first Christmas in our new home and we are so excited!
I've been searching all over pinterest for a killer Christmas morning breakfast,
if you know of a yummy one let me know!

Oh I do have to say that Josh took out about 8 or so hours of
his study time to watch The Lord Of The Rings trilogy with me because
I've never seen them! & we're going to the midnight showing of The Hobbit.

So I mean... I had to watch them and I was dreading it... but I absolutely loved them!
I was shocked at how much I actually liked them :)
If you haven't seen them, you should... they were pretty great :)

Anyway, that's all for now!
Good day.

Oh ya, I also dropped my phone on a concrete parking lot
the other day and completely shattered my screen,
but luckily it still works! Whaa!? I know I was shocked too!
So now I have to keep my phone in a plastic bag to use it
so I don't get glass shards in my fingers until my replacement comes.

I'm the worst with phones, literally this is the 4th iPhone I've
gone through in the past 2 years!!! I should not be allowed to be
around technology :(

A Little Love Nugget

Love nuggets are the best!

.& pretty soon we will get to meet our little love nugget.

our week so far.

Ohh I can't wait for Christmas! 

Everyday we get closer to the 25, I get more excited and giddy.

For the first time I feel I did a really good job at shopping for Josh!

I got him the usual, clothes, belts, boxers, etc. 
But I had to get him something fun and something 
I knew he would love! 

I decided on a snowboarding pass, sushi gift cards 
(he's going to die, him and his sushi house obsession) 
and the coolest Leonardo Da Vinci Engineering kit. 

I figured he'd be bored while out of school ;)
So I thought maybe he'd want to build things and this kit is
one of Da Vincis inventions.
I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome :)

I've done almost all my shopping online this year, which
has been great! Every store I've checked out online has had 
some great deals + free shipping + money off certain amounts, etc. 

{Waiting for the stuff to arrive though, is not very fun}

Josh took this last Sunday night at like 10 pm.
I was on the hunt for some Cyber Monday sales :)

It was intense. 

Yesterday Josh woke up at 10 am with me and from about 10:30 am - 7 pm 
he was in the office, studying for his tests. 
He is sooo determined, it's amazing!

I wanted to take a little break with him so I ran to the store, 
bought some flutes and some sparkling cider and 
we took a short break just to talk and laugh with each other :)
A definite much needed break from some intense calculus. 

After our little break I decided to start wrapping the few presents
I already purchased with these cute trimmings found at Target. 
Oh, Target. 

I'm obsessed with gold and silver and had to add some pops of red in there :)

24 days 11 hours 56 minutes and 30 seconds left!!!

a while.

It's been a while since I've written anything.

I've been bundled away for the Holidays
reading this trilogy and snuggling with my husband :)

I have not been able to put the books down!
It's so addicting and I know... yes, it's very kinky,
but it's a good read for the hopeless romantic in me :)

Speaking of Hopeless Romantics... my sweet husband nearly scared me to death.
The other night, I took my moms car to work because she left it with me while she
went to Kentucky. Well when I came out to leave, there was a white envelope
stuck in the handle of the door which read "Beautiful".

In the envelope was a candy bar and a card, on the front it said
'You' in a thought bubble. I opened it and this is what I read

At first I was flattered, but then slowly got creeped out. 
Who would go out of their way to do this?
After much interrogation, it turned out to be my husband. 
Jeez, I love him. 

Josh has had school off for the past few days for the Holiday
and it's been nice to spend practically every waking moment with him,
since it will become quite rare again when school starts tomorrow.

We've definitely been enjoying our time together.

We didn't do much for the holidays. Our families all went out of town
but Josh and I had a nice time spending it with each other, doing as we pleased.

I did a little black Friday shopping on Wednesday night.
I just happened to be at the mall when all these 50% sales were happening!

Express had everything 50% off... WHA?!
And so did Aerie! I love their bras!

I bought husband a couple of these, which look amazing on him.
Finally a 32 W 34 L pant that fits him!

I couldn't resist giving them to him as an early Christmas present.
But I'll definitely need to buy him some more for Christmas :)
They are perfect and it's so hard finding him pants that fit well!

So woo, good job to me ;)

I can't wait for Christmas!

I love buying things for Josh and it's like the one time I can
without him getting mad... well he still gets a little irritated
at me spending money on him, but he can never stay too
annoyed because it's Christmas!!!

Also, does anyone ever do cyber Monday?

There have been some really good deals online this weekend, but
I might have to check out tomorrow and see whats going on! :)

Well that's all I got!

French Lingerie Laundry Room

I have been wanting to paint the laundry/mudroom for about the past week.

It was originally painted that basic builders beige
color and with no windows, which made it pretty
dark and depressing being in there.

So I decided on a theme, of course
and went from there!

The theme is French Lingerie Shop :)
Yes, I've been accused of being a total girly girl and I totally am!
And what girl doesn't want a little peachy pink lingerie-esque room in her house? :)
(It did take a little bribery to get Josh to let me paint bold peach stripes in there)

Anyway, I wanted to make it something pretty and bright and happy!

So I started painting the whole room a basic white called
Picket Fence by Martha Stewart and then painted some
stripes in Beach Trail by Behr.

I still have a ways to go but here is just a little inspiration
for the look that I am wanting to achieve.

Stripes Paint Color

Black & White Striped Rug

Chalkboard Laundry Room Print

Fur bench, but in Black?

Black & White Ironing Board

Gold Mirror 

& Some Pretty Hooks 

I'm hoping it will all come together to look super pretty!

Trick or Treat

Halloween night was awesome!

We got sooo many trick or treaters and it was so much fun!!!

I've never seen so many kids in my life!

The past 3 years Josh and I have lived in neighborhoods where
not too many kids are, so we were not expecting this and ran out
of candy pretty fast :(

Still fun though!

I wore my Rapunzel costume one last time and all the kids loved it :)

Silly Josh as Flynn Rider :)

After we ran out of candy we decided we better leave so we I
got dressed up and we headed to a haunted house for
some last minute Halloween fun :)

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween Town

Halloween is seriously my most favorite holiday ever!
I like it just a little bit more than Christmas because I love
dressing up and candy!

This Halloween weekend was super fun!

Friday night we went to our friends party as a giant wiener and his loofah!

It was so funny and a total hit :)

I love making costumes and making something exactly how I want it so 
I headed to the store and picked up 27 yards for this little number and started sewing :)

Saturday night we went to our familys party dressed as 
Flynn Rider and Rapunzel from Tangled. 

This was my most favorite costume to date!

It was so fun dressing up as a princess from one of my
favorite Disney movies!

Making it took way longer than the loofah.
And not using a pattern was probably not a good idea. 
But was so worth it because I loved how it turned out!

Here is my cute Flynn :)
I will get some more pictures tomorrow night!

And just some more pictures of the dress :)
because I'm obsessed...

We can't wait for tomorrow night to dress up for Trick or Treaters and Haunted Houses!

More pictures to come!!


My sister-in-law let me take some pictures of my nephews yesterday!

We took them at daybreak, which is such a cute area!

Loved it!

I totally need to take mine and Joshs winter pictures there!