It's a Festivus for the Rest of Us!

Christmas 2011, was pretty much awesome :)

Christmas eve we spent the night at my moms
playing board games and watching Christmas movies.


Then woke up somewhat early Christmas morning
and had a huge breakfast with the whole family
and watched Bambi :)
I love Bambi.


That night we went to Josh's moms home and
had yummy dinner, played games and watched a movie :)

LOVE Christmas time!

Now enjoy some holiday pictures :) :) :)
(I could kick myself in the bum for getting
NOT ONE picture of Josh and I together)

Tesslyn & I on Chirstmas Eve
sleepy babe

Handsome and the little one

My husband:
Makes me giggle, then gets close ups of me giggling.
Silly boy.

Christmas Pj's!

Christmas Eve. still.
Stud muffin, again  :)

Mom, sis and baby

Yay! finally on to Christmas morning!!!



We were too busy opening presents and
stuffing our faces with food,to get any pictures.

Except for these :)

Happy Christmas!!!

oh ya, and enjoy watching
me act a fool, in a my husbands
shirt, (which is about 6 sizes too big for me),
"dancing" to a video game :)

I can'r believe I'm posting this
but it's too funny to not.

Oh ya x2
Have I told you how much I
LOVE my camera.
Every little last bit of it.
It's perfect in every single way
and worth every single little penny.

The end.

A little suprise I found today!

So tonight while I was
just browsing around online
I found this little suprise!

Back in August I did a
shoot for a company called and then today
I found the website and was
shocked when I saw myself!

I remember I hated how they did my
hair and makeup, but it's doesn't
look as bad as I thought it would :)


I was told they were only going
to use my picture for the packaging...

kind of a fun little suprise :)

And how cute is that little baby girl!?