oh goodness gracious....

I never thought being an Aunt
would be so amazing!

I'm so in love with my little niece.
She is just a complete doll! 

Every chance I get, I'm with my
mom, sister and Tess.

She is just so fun and shes only a
few days old! How is this possible?

Josh and I went over there tonight
because my dad flew up here!!!

I'm so happy he's here, I've missed him :)

We all just stayed cooped up, passing
the baby around, but it was so fun...
we all just love her so so much <3 <3 <3

Phone pictures aren't the best, so
I'll remember to bring my camera
next time :)

I LOVE when she looks at me :)
She couldn't take her eyes off Josh
either, it was cute!

My dad and Tess, SO CUTE!
He adores her

Letting my sister get some sleep
while I watch over Tesslyn

It's so fun!

Shawna is over the moon in love :)

It's going to be so sad when
she moves to Kentucky :(

Definately plan on taking lots of
trips to visit though!

And I guess her being away for
the next 3 years just means
Josh and I will have to get pregnant ;)

Okay honestly, you all probably
know how fickle I am about kids...
one day I'm all for it, the next I don't
even want to think about it.

The next week I'm just dying to have one
then the next, I feel I could go my whole
life without.

Holding Tess, and just being around her,
changing her diaper, helping her stop crying
is probably the most amazing thing ever!!!

So I'm happy to say I think I have finally
finally, FINALLY decided I want kids :)

For reals.

AND... I think Tess's sweetness is wearing off
on Josh. He actually wants one too now,
(never thought I'd hear him say that)

So you know me, I get all sorts of excited
of course, go online look at everything,
price everything, make lists and lists of
EVERYTHING down to very last
pacifier costs.

Map everything out, week by week,
month by month haha... I swear I'm soooo

Anyway, while looking online I found a

Probably the most amazing, most adorable,
most sweetest stroller in the whole wide world!

I tossed my phone over to Josh and said
"look what were gonna buy"
with a big ol grin on my face :D

And this is what he saw:

Okay, seriously.
I think I just died from a
cuteness overload.

I can't even handle it!
I'm tempted to buy it right now...
just so I can look at it everyday...
and stare at it's cuteness every single day.
Okay, maybe I'm a tad bit obsessed
with something so materialistic...
BUT I can't help it!!!

It's got a hefty price tag though so
the savings begins :)

Someday though... Summer maybe? :)
Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself.

But I just love being with my sister and
Tess. It's the best and I need to get as
much time in as I can before they leave.

Soo happy baby season!!!


Jaimie said...

She's super cute!! I want her!! :) isn't it amazing how much newborns change in just a few short days? So happy for you all!

Jaimie said...

Oh, P.S. There used to be a stoller like that at that garage type sale store by my moms hair salon...do u know what im talking about? Haha, I cant rmbr the name. Anyways, it probably wasn't new and im not even sure its there anymore. Just thought I would tell ya ;)

the jensens. said...

Ya it's crazy how much they change! But yes I know exactly what you're talking about! I'm gonna go check tomorrow! I think they are the cutest strollers! And I'll text you tomorrow when Josh and I go over to see her if you want to come :)

Jaimie said...

Please do! Jon has tomorrow off so he can watch kids! I can drive and come pick you guys up. :)