I'm An Aunt & I'm In Love

I would tell the birth story,
but I'll leave that to Shawna :)
To sum everything up though,
me, my mom, Shawna and Josh
have had about 3 hours of sleep in
the past 35 hours!
But all I can say is watching
my sister deliver her baby
was the most AMAZING
thing I have ever seen and
she did amazing!!!

Seriously, incredible :)

And Josh was also a trooper
and was there for the whole
labor and delivery :)

It all began here :)
A phone call to Afghanistan
for Shawna to call Nate!

The labor and delivery was just
lots of smiles, laughs and jokes!

It was so fun!

Shawna did so great and was
so happy!!!

This is Tesslyn about 2 minutes
after birth! Look at her eyes!
She was sooo awake and happy :)

Special moment :)

Means of communication between
Shawna and her husband... SKYPE.
He was able to help through labor and
delivery and was sooo encouraging!

Josh was amazing too!
he stayed for everything
and was soo happy and excited!

My grandma and grandpa :)

Mom in the Nursery!

Shawna and Tess.
bonding time :)

Eeeeee... Josh and I are so
excited to have kids of our own!!!

Family Picture :)

Just a few of the hundreds
of pictures I took today :)
Can't wait to actually take
super cute pictures of her!
It was kinda hard in the hospital setting.


Amber said...

Congratulations to your sister! Giving birth is such an amazing thing and to be a part of it is just as amazing. And such great pictures! They'll always have them to look back on. They grow too fast!

Jaimie said...

So exciting! Congrats to you all! It really is such an amazing experience, so cool that you guys got to be there with Shawna. My mom and I wanted to come visit but she and Jaiden both have a cold. Tell her congrats :)
P.s....ever since Josh sent me that pic of Tesslyn I have been baby hungry!! Shes adorable!!

the jensens. said...

Thank you! It was pretty exciting and amazing! Jaim! If they start to feel better you should come over this weekend with me and Josh :) And it made me so baby hungry! she's so little and cute haha, let's get pregnant together if you guys are going to have a third :)

Jaimie said...

Yes!! I want to come with you so text me. I want to see her!! :)