Happy Halloween!

Josh and I went to our sister-in-laws
Annual Halloween Party!

It was so much fun!!!

Everyone dressed up and looked so cute!

Josh and I decided to have a little photo
sesh before the big Halloween party :)

(I'm thinking this is going to be a Halloween tradition)

Anyway here's some of our pictures:

I'll post pics from the party tomorrow :)

It was getting dark so these
didn't turn out too well, still cute though!


Silva + Raul Engagements!

This morning I got to take some
engagement pictures of a friend
I use to work with!


But we stuck through it and got some

The reason I love PSE :)

Cute Couple!!!


My Mirror Turned Chalkboard
turned out awesome!
I seriously love it so much

It only cost me $15!

If you want to make one yourself,
here's what you will need:

-Mirror or picture in frame
-Masking tape
-Primer (not pictured)
-Chalkboard paint 
**Note: I used the spray chalkboard paint, but went back and got the kind you roll on. It works way better!
-Spray paint for frame (I chose white)
- And of course, Chalk!

All purchased from Wal-Mart

So first you just need to cover the frame
with newspaper and tape.
Make sure to cover well!

If you don't cover it well enough,
then the paint will sneak it's way in there
and get onto your frame like this :(

Add one layer of the primer and let dry. Then prime again.
Once dry, apply the chalkboard paint,
make sure the paint has completely
covered the glass.

Wait about 30 min - 1 hour
and spray paint/paint again!

I did about 4 coats, waiting 30 min in-between.

And that's it!
Oh it makes me so happy :)

I've heard that you shouldn't paint directly onto a mirror or glass.
But I did it anyways and it works great :)

After you apply your last coat of chalkboard paint, let
it dry for at least 24 hours before you use it.

After it has dried completely, take windex and clean the entire board.
Then take some chalk and cover the whole board with
the it, then windex again.

This makes it easier to write on...
I even will windex it and then write on it
right after, that way it's not as dusty and the
chalk goes on a lot more smooth when the board is a little wet :)

Milk & Cookies: Take 2

Yay :)

Here are some pictures from
the Milk & Cookies themed
baby shower we had for my sister :)

me, my mom and my sister

Strawberry, Chocolate and Regular Milk


My Mom :)

Tesslyns Blessing Dress
The blanket I made her! :)

The shower was perfect!
Everything looked so cute!
:) :) :)