Park City Day Trip

Today me, my mom and my sister
all took the long drive up to Park City
to go shopping at the outlets :)

We stopped at the LocoLizard first
for some yummy mexican food, then
we headed for the walking and shopping.

The reason we went up there was to shop
for baby clothes for my sister.
She's having a Girl!!!! Yay, so the shopping
was really fun and she got lots of cute things :)

I even some cute jeans and some shirts (thanks mom!)

As we were shopping for baby clothes though
I got that feeling again, that one where I suddenly
want a baby! I even had a couple outfits I wanted
to buy and save for when we have kids haha

Now, obviously, deep down inside, I know right
now is not the time to have kids.
I really couldn't believe how much everything was!
I wanted to buy everything in all the stores and
I'm not even prego! I couldn't even imagine if I was!
I think I would run up every credit card I have on
clothes haha

But anyway, it was still really fun and I'm excited to
be an aunt first, before I become a mom :)

So okay, on the way home from Park city, don't ask
me how, because I'm not even sure... but we ended up
in Wyoming!!!

It makes no sense, so on our way back to UTAH
we took some pictures by the "Welcome to Utah: sign:

We thought about getting a hotel for the night
in Park city, but decided to tough it out and
drive down the canyon in the dark.

The whole day trip was really fun!
My sister bought some sing along CD's
with nursery rhymes and we listened (and sang)
to them on the way home haha.

Super fun!!!


Jaimie said...

Thats so exciting!!! I cant wait to see her. Girls are so much fun! Congrats to all of you! :)

the jensens. said...

Thanks Jaim! We are all way excited :)