So I booked a really good paying job in
Las Vegas next weekend!

I'm super excited!!!

It's for a Nivea party promo thing
at the Aria Resort and I'm only
going to be working for 14 hours
between the 2 days :D

I really really really wanted Josh to
come with me, but he doesn't want to
take off work for the 3 days I'll be gone
soooo... I'm having my bff Melissa come
with me!!! I'm also going down with
another girl that I'm friends with :)

I'm really excited, but kinda scared.
So I've gotta get some pepper spray
haha but this is the first paying modeling
job I've booked and is actually worth
it for me to drive down there so I'm
pretty ecstatic about it :D

I'm lame, I know.
But it should be fun!