Vacation :D

This past weekend Josh and I packed up our suitcases and
headed down south to Mesquite :)

My cute mother-in-law got all
us kids our own condos for the
3 nights we were there!!!

It was the PERFECT getaway.
And it was about 80+ degrees all weekend!

Josh had his engineering class
Friday morning so we left
American Fork around noon.
We dropped off our house key
to my mom, so she would be
able to feed our piggies :D
And then we were off!!!

We got to mesquite about
7:00 pm, unpacked and
showered and then headed
to Vegas to go shopping!

I have been wanting to go
shopping at H&M FOREVER!

Welllll.... we got there, after walking
around the strip for a while and I
wasn't all too impressed.
The store itself was super small
and most of the clothes were
pretty scene.

But I found some pretty
cute things afterall :)
Joshy bought me some
way cute shirts because,
well, he's a sweet guy :D

We stopped by a bar in Planet Hollywood
to check out the Jazz game...

Love herrrr! 

Oh and we HAD to go into 
Betsy Johnson.
Gahhh I just died and didn't even bother
looking at the price tags ha, but seriously
everything in there is to die for!!!

Saturday we spent most of the day in
the pool, before Josh went golfing with the guys :)

After golfing, we went to get some yummy dinnnnerrr! 

We decided to go to a place called Samari 21.
A way yummy Japanese steakhouse.
It was like the best filet mignon I've ever had!

Afterwards, Josh and I went and hung out with his
mom and her friends down by the pool :)

Sunday we went to lunch at
a golf course restuarant and then
pretty much swam alllllll day long :)

Sometime around 3 we went and got ready
and went bowling... supa fun :)

Oh and I pretty much won all the guys at bowling :) 

After bowling we all went and played Bunco
up in Jaimie and jons room!
It was way fun!
we went over to the casino and played some
slots and tables.
I won $50 off blackjack, playing only $5!
Then I lost most of it on slots haha
oh well, we still walked away with more than
we went in with.
Buttt... my sister-in-law Jaimie
won about $250 playing slots!
Gahhh so lucky haha.

Yay!!! Such a fun Vacation!!!
Thanks mom-in-law :D