a fall kind of day

Yesterday, while my Josh went to his friends house to play some football I invited my friend Melissa over to go look at Halloween costumes with me :) I still can't decide what I want to be, either a Bumble Bee or a Pirate :) I'm leaning more towards a Pirate just becuase were staying at Treasure Island so it just seems to fit :) But anyway, after we looked at Halloween costumes, we went to lunch at Zupas, I love Zupas sooo much!!!! And then we decided to make caramel apples! We went to Walmart to get all the supplies and then came home and got started.

It was so fun to make them!
I can't wait to make more later in October with Josh :)

After making caramel apples, Josh, myself, Melissa, Steve, Karissa, and Dave went to see
The Social Network.
To my suprise it was really good and I love the smart witty humor :)
It's amazing how much the Facebook network is worth.

Anyway after the movie me, Josh and Dave went to Denny's for a late night snack.
It was really fun and a perfect fall-ish day besides the fact that it was super hot outside

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