I forgot how much I love to golf. Saturday night Josh and I went out on the range and hit balls for an hour or too. It was really fun and I for got just how fun it really is, especially when I can hit them! We're thinking about entering a couples golf tourny soon and I'm so excited! Hopefully we can kick butt ;)

Today we went out and played 9 holes with Steve, Karissa and Scott. We just found out Karissa is pregnant a few weeks ago and were so excited for them! She is just a doll! 

It was such a nice night! His friends are so funny and it's hilarious listening to them play golf. They're just goofy :) But it was about 90* out which is perfect to me but then it started to rain a little, but was still really warm out. Perfect! After golf, Josh, Scott, and I went to Texas Roadhouse and had dinner then His friend Daniel met up with us and we went back to the Golf course around 10 or so and just drove around.

There is this really big river that runs through the golf course and we were thinking about going down it on this little tin boat. But we decided not to tonight since we were kinda in nice clothes :) So were gonna do it tomorrow.
I'll make sure to get pictures of the crazy guys and maybe a few girls that actually do it!!!

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