California 2010

On May 23, 2010 we left for California. It was a 9 hour drive!!! It wasn't that bad, but being in the car that long isnt very fun. We got to my dads house in Orange at about 11:30 pm Cali time :) I love his house, the neighborhood is way cute, he lives a street down from chapman university and the house are called craftman houses, they super cute! Anyway, we pretty much just crashed when we got there. The next morning  we got up and went to breakfast at this little diner down the street. It was really cool being with Josh, my dad, my sister and her husband! The weather was perfect, blue skies and palm trees everywhere :)
My dad loves to remodel things and work on things, so when we got back to his house he showed what hes planning to do this summer to his backyard. He has dug out a huge hole and is putting in a Koi fish pond and waterfall! It's really cool, he has the hole dug and hil shaped and the pipes already installed for the water. He also has cleared some a grass area to put in some turf for a 3 hole putting green. I'm really excited for him! He really loves doing things like this and hes so good at it. I can't wait to go back and see what it will look like :)
(This is a tree from africa he got.
It has huge thorns on it that
hippos use to scratch their backs)

After breakfast we decided to head down to Disneyland for the day!!! I love disneyland, it was really fun having everyone be there. We only went on a few rides, but it was cool just hanging out :) Disneyland has the most amazing corndogs! I'm saad I didnt get a picture of them, but they are sooo good! But here's a few pics from Disneyland that day :) 

Tuedsay, me and josh went to disneyland for about 2 hours, just walked around and went on one ride. Then we went to the angels game!
Space Mountain Broke down while we were on it :(

The angels game was awesome! The played the Blue Jays and they Won!
It got pretty cold though, so we got the cutest angels blanket!

On Wednesday, we walked around newport beach and went shopping! It was really fun! We went to lunch at Duke's. They have the yummiest Calamari!!

That night we went to The Improv comedy club! It was sooo funny! I've never been to a comedy club before and it was good :) Way funny, there were 4 comedians and they were all way funny!
Waiting in line to be seated :)
My sister and her husband with me and josh :)
My dad was so happy! haha

On Thursday morning me and Josh got up early to go to disneyland :)
SO Early :)
We got this book called the Hidden Mickeys. There are hidden mickeys all around in disneyland, it was a fun hunt to try and find them :)
Josh is so silly :)
We were sad that Mickey was so short :(
Haha on Space Mountain, super fun!

Thursday night ( I think it was thursday) we went to a restaurant called Lazy Dogs and watched the lakers game! It was really fun and such a good game! I got yelled at and was told to go home by some drunk guy because I was cheering for the Suns haha, oh well, it was fun :)

Friday me and Josh headed down the beach to get some sun :)

That night we went back to my dads and got ready to go watch the fireworks at Disneyland :)

Saturday was our last day in California wiht my dad :( We went to visit my Grandma Cruz and just hung out the rest of the day with my dad.
His cat Gigi is so funny! She acts like a dog.
My dads bike, I love it!
Me and my dad :)
Us with my grandma
GIANT Muffins :)
Coco's New Cage!!!!
And the table my dad gave me and Josh, Thank you! We love it!!!


Jaimie said...

Looks like you guys had SO much fun! That's good you went to go see your dad, I love that his cat acts like a dog, so funny!! His house looks nice, I want to go sit in his backyard. The table he gave you guys is Super cute!! I love those tall tables. I bet Josh is happy to finally have a table..haha.

That sucks Splash Mountain was closed, thats the best ride! Is Josh serious with his facial expression on Space Mountain? Hahaha Jett and I were laughing for ever, best facial expression EVER!! We are also WAY jealous you got to go to the beach :( I love the beach, so does Jett!! You are SO SO beautiful with no makeup on! Lucky! :) Glad you guys had fun, survived the drive and made it home safe! :)

P.S. Good Job cheering for the Suns!! The Lakers are gay. Too bad the Suns lost :(

natalie leah said...

His house is sooo small haha, but its quaint :) And ya, josh is way happy about the table. He's funny haha. And no, we werent that sad about space mountain hahaha, but it did suck. Oh my and thank you, i hate not wearing makeup but theres no point in wearing when you go to the beach haha. Haha i'll tell josh you guys were laughing at him, he'll love it!!!
Thank you for looking for a hotel for us! you guys are awesome!! we were worried we wouldnt be able to find one haha

natalie leah said...

OH! haha were you talking about his scared face!? hahahaha no he wasnt really scared, i dont think? haha maybe he was, i'll ask him :) hahaha it's way funny!!! he had another way funny one, i'll post it :)