But, before we went to Mexico we went to look at engagement rings :) I was soo excited. We went to 3 different jewelry stores but I found the perfect one at serra-west. We started talking about prices and out of nowhere, Josh bought it! I was shocked and so excited! But, he told me I wouldnt be able to see it again for another year!!! That kinda annoyed me, but I was too excited for Mexico to even bother with it....

Arriving in California to Board the Ship... Vision of the Seas :)

Leaving the Dock and heading to Mexico!

Just goofing off while the ship was leaving... So Windy!

He is soo Tough :)

The Cruise was amazing!!! Being with Josh is so fun... never a dull moment :)
We were waiting in line to get tendered into Cabo...

Holding a 30 LB. Iguana... I think he hated his life :)

Taking a break from the sun and getting some lunch...

Lounging around the ship after a long day...

Getting ready for the first Formal Night...

Ready and Waiting for the Amazing food :)


Windy Day at the Beach :)

The Beach again :)

Waiting for dinner one night...

Late Night Adventures on the Ship :)

Puerta Viarta


Josh swimming on the back of 2 Dolphins :)

He loved me ♥

Last Formal Night :(

Leaving The Mexico... Funnest Trip!

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