3 Things.

1. As much as I hate winter and snow and just wish summer would last forever, I'm actually looking forward to the cooler months so I can wear all the cute fall booties like these, these, these and these. Ughhh.. take all my money! 

2. Josh's company gives him a "spouse appreciation dinner" allowance each month and it's pretty much the greatest thing in the world. This month we went to Top Golf with our friends and it was our first date without Copeland in months.. so many months. Thank goodness for grandparents who love to babysit :)

3. The other night Copeland woke up at 4 am crying about his bum hurting so Josh took him to the bathroom to see what was wrong when I hear Copeland crying about how his bum is hot (diaper rash) so I jump up and get out the diaper rash cream and help him. When I go to tuck him back in bed next to me he looks up and in the sleepiest, sweetest little voice says "thank you mommy. I love you". You guys, I've never witnessed something so touching. It was the first time Copeland has ever told me thank you for helping him without me having to tell him "say thank you" or "what do you say?". I melted and decided right there I want 10 more babies ;)

Coffee Dates

sweatshirt / shorts - similar here and here / shoes old but LOVE these ones! / diaper bag 
hat / tee / shorts- similar here 
 swaddle / teether- our absolute favorite! / sunless tanner 

Before we welcomed Finn into our world and it was just me and Copeland, we use to go on little day dates together. We'd go to the park, to get frozen yogurt or head to Starbucks down the street for a little treat and sometimes stay for lunch. Since Finn our dates have been slacking big time. We kinda rarely leave the house unless Josh is with us because I'm that worried and anxious mom who is still figuring out how to maneuver outside the safety of our house with two babes. Things are slowly getting into a groove and so we've slowly been venturing out more and more on our own. 

I'm excited to start taking both these boys on day dates together. They definitely help us with our cabin fever while we I count down the hours until my little slice of heaven, Josh, walks through the door. I keep telling myself "the days are long but the years are short" and ain't that the truth! 

On another note Finn is doing so well you guys! SO so well. I'm working on a post that shares a little bit of the past few months with him since coming home from the hospital. But now that Finn is doing well, Copeland is starting to act out. When it's not one, it's the other right? Gosh, being a parent to two little ones is hard work. Trying to give both them the attention they need while still being a wife to Josh and also trying to find myself again and not get lost in all of it is definitely hard work. I'm getting there though. Very slowly getting there. 

Mommy Must Haves GIVEAWAY

I'm so excited to be partnering with Bambobies, Mom Sense and Le Tote today for such an awesome giveaway! I think it's the perfect postpartum giveaway :)

Bamboobies: You guys, these nursing pads are amazing! I honestly wish I would have bought them when I first started nursing. Instead I used one time use scratchy paper ones. The Bamboobies are so incredibly soft. They would make a great shower gift or just get these for yourself instead of the throw away ones. I also love that I can purchase these at Target or my favorite, Amazon Prime! 

Breastfeeding is beautiful…but it’s not always easy! Our bamboobies® breastfeeding support products address a variety of pregnancy and new mom breastfeeding needs and really work (as our growing, vocal base of moms will tell you!). Mom-invented bamboobies® are premium, eco-friendly nursing essentials. 

MomSense: This is another product I wish I would've purchased when I brought Finn home from the hospital. Nursing is so stressful for me. I've had really great nursing babies but I stress myself out wanting to know if I'm making enough milk and if they're getting fed enough to keep them happy. This little app and headphones lets you know exactly how many ounces your little one is getting and you can actually see each time baby swallows as he nurses. It's pretty amazing technology! It keeps track of everything and gives you a report daily.

I remember during the night I was nursing up to 8 times! Neither one of us were getting any sleep and our doctor suggested putting him on formula. I would have loved to have been able to know if he was/wasn't getting enough milk so that I could figure out the exact reason he was waking up so much.

Made by moms, for moms. The Momsense Smart Breastfeeding Meter informs moms how much breast milk their baby nursed by providing real-time data and reports. Thus allowing moms to experience peace of mind, anywhere and anytime.

Le Tote: The last brand for our giveaway is Le Tote. An awesome clothing rental service that delivers outfits straight to your doorstep! I was talking to my girlfriend the other day about how hard it is to dress your postpartum body. After being pregnant for 9 months, I got use to dressing my pregnant belly but then once the baby is here none of my pre-preganncy clothes fit just yet and I really don't want to go out and buy a bunch of new clothes when I know that I'll be able to get most of this weight off... eventually haha. This service is great as you can tell them what your current size is and what type of style you like. They then will create 3 looks for you and you choose which one you want before it ships. Once you receive you can wear it for as long as you want. Once you send it back they will send you out a new outfit! You can try out amazing clothes in your current size without the commitment to purchasing them.

Le Tote is a fashion rental service perfect for work, weekend and everything in between. Receive a personalized box of clothing and accessories that you can wear as long as you want. Return and repeat all month!

I can't wait for one Lucky mama to win all of this! 
Enter below! Good luck mamas! 

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Blooming Bath Time

^^must be pretty comfy! He always falls asleep during bath time^^
^sweet daddy^

Blooming Bath / Washcloth (on sale!) / Baby Shampoo / Nursing Maternity Dress (most amazing nursing friendly dress EVER!) 

** I wrote this post weeks ago when Finn was still having such a hard time. I'm so excited to share how things are going currently in a post coming up soon!**

We went and got some Grip Water today you guys and I"m really hoping it will help sweet little Finn. Yesterday was pretty bad. He was unhappy most of the day which was hard. I can't imagine what he must be going through during his screaming cries. My heart breaks every time. 

Bath time however usually always calms him down and he almost always ends up falling asleep. Maybe it's the warm water or the comfy Blooming Bath, whatever it is, we sure do love bath time around here! Our doctor told us though to limit baths because it can dry out their skin. Has anyone else heard this? So as of now we limit baths to once a week (unless we've been swimming or have been outside a lot oh! and Copeland is a different story. That kid needs baths nightly haha!) 

Copeland loves helping me with bathing Finn! He also thinks it's the perfect time to give his dinosaur a bath haha 

// just a little side note before I go, have you heard of or used Blooming Bath? When I saw this at Buy Buy Baby I already had a Puj bath in my cart but I mean really, who wouldn't want to lay on a big soft flower during bath time? I'd still like to try the Puj but Finn seems to really love this little flower. It seems so comfy not to mention It's pretty cute too :) 

Micuna Life Crib

^^ Remember not to leave pillows in crib while baby is sleeping. I was right next to Finn while these photos were taken. ^^

I'm so excited about today's post! We have been really wanting to get Finn an actual crib all set up and ready for him to use. Finn is sleeping with Josh and I in a side bassinet next to or bed but he's quickly outgrowing it. So putting together our Micuna crib was so exciting!

Once we got it all put together (which was so easy!) we put Finn in to see how'd he'd do in his own bed. I was a little worried because for naps I have been laying him on my bed, on the couch or on the floor so I wasn't sure how'd he'd react to a confined area. You guys, he LOVED it! He cried as soon as I let go of him but after I walked out of the room his crying turned into sweet little babbling.

I peeked at him and watched as he just looked around, tried to grab the spindles and eventually turned himself over and fell right to sleep! It has been a real struggle to get him to sleep without me holding or rocking him, so this was pretty dang magical for me. I ran out to Josh all smiley, telling him how Finn just fell asleep in his crib, all by himself! I like to think he knows that this little space is all his. His little sanctuary.

Copeland is pretty excited about Finn's new crib also! He has kept asking when Finn will get to sleep in his room with him so helping us put the crib together and then seeing Finn sleeping in it just made his whole day.

I wanted to share a little info on Micuna and their  Life Crib because we are completely in love with it. First of all, this crib offers complete customization. That was probably my favorite thing. You can choose your base color and then customize the spindle colors from there! All of this can be done on their website with their easy to use customization tool.

Something else that I really loved about this company is that is that they are recognized in the market for the safety and high quality of their products along with superior customer service, Micuna was one of the first Spanish companies to comply with European quality and safety. When it comes to our babies, us mamas can tend to be a little crazy ;) Making sure products are up to such high safety standards was a huge deal for me when choosing a crib.

I also love that all of their products are manufactured with wood obtained from sustainable forests and their coating process is performed with water paint.

You can follow Micuna on Instagram here https://instagram.com/micuna_usa
Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/Micuna_USA
YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/user/GRUPOMICUNA
Pinterest here https://www.pinterest.com/micunausa/
And Twitter @micuna_USA